Spencer Dupre

Full Stack Developer


Currency exchange

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  • Django currency exchange app
  • Fast - thanks to Postgres indexes, this matching algorithm can process an order in under 3ms.
  • Flexible - with Bootstrap, Flexbox, and Vue, this app fits any screen and updates in real time.

Slot machine game

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  • Originally written in jQuery Mobile, I rewrote this game with Vue/Bootstrap for demo purposes.
  • Random result is generated server side, making cheating impossible.
  • Site owner can control the odds of winning.
  • Animation effect created with Blender.

Local business homepages

  • Django's admin system allows the business owner to add content themselves.
  • Bootstrap's flexibility allows these simpler homepages to be made quickly.
  • Whereas the projects listed above were originally created for startups which didn't make it, these small local business sites have stood the test of time.